After seeing My First Baltimore Oriole, I got Sappy!

I Love This Time of Year
By Mary J Williams ©

There is nothing better than Spring
When in winter all the plants die
But they come to life again
That’s when I heave a sigh!

The flowers come
Up out of the earth
When the sun shines
To give them birth

The dormant trees
some flower first
some the leaves
just tend to burst

Lots of trees
Like the maples and oaks
Send down their seeds
Millions, and this is no joke

But there are daffodils and tulips
And the May Apples too
Columbine and lilacs
After April they still aren’t through!

More flowers in May
Time for planting gardens
Who doesn’t love Spring?
Oh, here comes the Purple Martin

Time for the nesting
Of birds everywhere
Seeing birds of migration
Some have such flare

I love the Spring
I love the flowers
I love the birds
I will watch for hours!

First Wild Geranium Bloom


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