A Critter Poem This Morning

A Critter in the Night
By Mary J Williams ©

What was that critter
That came in the night?
Up on the deck
Much to its delight!

Looking for a special morsel
To stuff in his face
Surely there is something
To eat in this place

Smelling something good
It’s up there on that board
grab onto this to help me up
Then the food up there I will hoard

Holy cow, this thing is loose
The container is falling down
I feel like a clown

Only some dried-up oranges
Nothing more do I see
That noise might bring people
It’s now time to flee

Leaving the planter
With soil all over the deck
I better take caution
And not come back, by heck!

What I saw this morning

Where the planter is supposed to be

The broken up birdbath water
feature that was in the

Soil back in planter, deck washed off
bird feature in the trash and it's not
even 7 a.m. 


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