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The Raccoon Story in Rhyme By Mary J Williams © I like to tell stories                                                  And do it in rhyme The words don’t come easy I can’t do it all the time. Here is the story I am about to tell About a certain critter that has made me want to yell I bought a squirrel buster It’s a type of bird feeder I put yummy nuts in But this critter is a mind reader It seems he always knows When the nuts are filled to the top He comes in at night And to that feeder he hops His weight should be the thing That shuts that feeder down So, the critter can’t get in But he does, and he goes to town I haven’t figured out How he gets the nuts He uses his little fingers I think that’s how, but…. The other morning The critter was still there I let our dog, Lacy, out She started to chase, I swear My only fear at that time Was if Lacy got really close The coon would turn And the results would be really gross Thankfully the coon can climb Up and over the fence Leaving Lacy sta