by Mary J Williams ©

 I have a new feeder

supposed to keep Starlings out

If food falls to the side

The Starlings are about


They fly to the feeder

Scare the Bluebirds away

They think they can get inside

And don't want any other to stay


The little blue dish

is filled with meal worms

only this time it was a mix

No Starling was my term

I have other feeders

suet are in two

Starlings are at them

Sloppy is how they do


The Starlings eat all the suet

The Bluebirds sit underneath

grab all the pieces

the Starlings don't eat


This day I set up 

that new special feeder

so Bluebirds could have suet and meal worms

and Starlings couldn't be there


Unbelievable, what did those Starlings did

I guess they bounced on the top

there were so many the dish popped out

The food just didn't drop-


The dish fell to the side

The Starlings reached in

Finished off the food

none for others, they said with a grin


Starlings and Squirrels

my least favorite critters

just wish they would leave

Those thieving committers 


I will fill up the dish

each and every day

and hopefully the Bluebirds

will have food, is what I pray!

Many Starlings

Trying to get in
the suet and meal worms
stolen by the Starlings


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