December 30, 2020 and Snow

My hubby came in and told me it was snowing like crazy! Really?  I just had let the dogs out and dried them off from the rain. 

I looked out my window and saw some snow.  I got up from my computer, did a few things, went and looked out my kitchen window and, indeed, it was snowing pretty heavy at that time.  I went back by my computer and grabbed my camera. This was the first snow for me, since the beginning of the year.  

First birds I noticed were the sparrows. I looked out and saw Cardinals in the flowering crab. They were farther then I wanted for a decent picture, so I stepped out on the deck and very carefully walked across the deck that already had some ice on it.  I checked and saw a Cardinal eating the little crab apples.  I know the Robin eats these too. I have a couple of marvelous pictures of them.  I snapped a picture and then realized there was a female just below the male. Another picture taken. Then another male. I finally came in the house, as the snow was starting to get me wet. I stood at the door a minute and glanced over to see if I could see what bird was on the deck floor and notice the squirrel sitting there by the birdbath.  S/he was starting to get covered with snow just sitting there. Couple of more pictures taken and then I saw a sparrow on the 2 x 6 just in front of the squirrel. I couldn't really tell what it was, for sure. I came in the house and went to a different window that gave me a better side view. Sure enough, it is the White-throated Sparrow. The yellow is much brighter in the summer, unless it was just wet.

I enjoyed my little sighting. 

Male Cardinal in the snow
Male and the female Cardinal
Going to be covered in snow if it sticks around too long and it keeps snowing

The White-throated Sparrow


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