Trapping the Line


Trapping the Line

By Mary J Williams


I feel like one of the Mountain Men

Checking on a trap line

The mouse traps were set

But Nothing did I find


Most of them still had bait

But one was stripped clean

How does a mouse do that

And not spring the thing?


I have two on the kitchen floor

One is in the back room

One is in a closet

I hope all are caught soon


Yes, I have trapped a few

You see the telltale signs

Little turds on the floor

Always in a line


Set the trap with peanut butter

It never seems to fail

One I even caught

By his little tail


This is driving me nuts

Having the mice in the house

Never before in over twenty years

Have we ever had a mouse!


The year is 2020

The year of COVID-19

Guess I can blame the mice

On what a year it’s been



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