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I Failed Blog - I Failed Garden at the River Plot - But I did get some produce!

It's been a crazy year for sure.  I fell and hurt my shoulder and my knees and have been doing physical therapy. Been trying to do some of the gardening across the river but sure have failed. As previous post said, it was mostly weeds.  I did manage to pick a few ears of corn. I got just two meals worth of corn and one meal of roastin' ears. Not much for 4 rows 25 feet long.  Heck, they were growing fairly good and then they just quit.  Many rainy and windy days which knocked down most of the tomato stakes. Yes, it was that windy!  I did get enough tomatoes from here at the house and out there for 6-7 pints of salsa.  I planted the Pink Banana squash but never got one. Bugs are on the plants now so really don't expect to see one.  I did get one Acorn Squash. There is another growing but I bet those squash bugs get it. At home, for those who follow this blog, I did get about 3 to 4 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes out of the half whiskey barrel. I have picked many Banana Pepper

Trapping the Line

  Trapping the Line By Mary J Williams   I feel like one of the Mountain Men Checking on a trap line The mouse traps were set But Nothing did I find   Most of them still had bait But one was stripped clean How does a mouse do that And not spring the thing?   I have two on the kitchen floor One is in the back room One is in a closet I hope all are caught soon   Yes, I have trapped a few You see the telltale signs Little turds on the floor Always in a line   Set the trap with peanut butter It never seems to fail One I even caught By his little tail   This is driving me nuts Having the mice in the house Never before in over twenty years Have we ever had a mouse!   The year is 2020 The year of COVID-19 Guess I can blame the mice On what a year it’s been