The Tough Guy at the Bird Feeder

Watching the birds out of my window sure taught me a few things.  I really think each species has a certain time to fly in and eat, then leave and the next one flies in. That doesn't include the smaller birds though. They flit in and out whenever.  Did you know the Black-capped Chickadee, or the Carolina Chickadee, comes in to a feeder, grabs one seed and leaves and eats it in the near-by tree?
The Downy, always looking for suet, but if not found grabs some nuts or flies to the finch food feeder. That feeder has a mixture of Thistle and Sunflower hearts. The finches don't go on that feeder much but I have seen the Grackles attempt that feeder. It is quite entertaining! 
I have the Grackles and the Blue Jays. They have little tiffs now and then. Grackles usually win! You would think they would be the tough guy but nope not a Grackle. It's sure not the Blue Jay either. 
The tough guy at the mixed nut feeder is none other then the Red-bellied Woodpecker.
When he flies in Grackles beware!  He talks to me if the nuts aren't out there. I fill the feeder and it doesn't even take him 5 minutes and he will be at the feeder.  The Grackles fly in and attempt to land. The get stabbed at by the Red-bellied Woodpecker's beak. He waits patiently for the Grackle to make his move. When it does, he stabs out. The Grackles then sit and wait patiently on the lattice at the top of my deck or in the near-by tree. When the Red-bellied flies off they come back. 
So, at my feeder, the toughest bird in town is the Red-bellied Woodpecker!
The mixed nut feeder
The tough guy- Red-bellied Woodpecker


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