Seniors and Gardening- To Do or Not-That is the Question

I was determined to head out into the back area and get something done.  I was standing in the bathroom getting dressed and thinking "Figuring on what you want to do and then what you actually will be able to do are two different things". 
First thing was spraying myself down with bug spray. I grabbed my hand shovel, my clippers, gloves, a small towel and my weed eater and out I went. 
The back area is what we call the "dog yard". It's all fenced in, with two gates and we can let the dogs out from the back kitchen door, which is up on the deck. Yes, there are steps down to the yard. The other door is out of the garage, which is also where the laundry room is, the car, and the door to the bedroom on that level. 
On went the gloves! My first things to do was to cut back some of the ivy, then started in on the bushes.
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Just along side of the steps

down the fence line

That rosebush at the corner of the fence is a menace to anyone who happens to walk by it! It grabs you and pokes you and makes you bleed. I tried trimming this side of the fence. It's all piled up down there along with dead branches from the Spirea bush that's on the right of this picture. Yes, I have stab wounds and some bleeding from that nasty plant!

After all that clipping, I had to sit and have some water! Because I have a soft heart where the birds are concerned, I filled up the feeders in this yard. Even put in suet for the smaller birds. 

Okay, hubby came out and moved the one pile of clippings to the far back of the property. I loaded up some and put it on the ground just outside the gate and then grabbed the refuse bag and hauled it down there too. Hubby took it from there.  So, I was happy about that!

Now, I rested a few minutes, drank some water and then grabbed the weed eater and started in. After I got some of it done, I pulled the hose over and washed off the weed eater and this lower deck area. Realized my arm was shaking and figured it was time to quit!  I gathered up my tools and hubby put the weed eater away. 

Time for more water and then some lunch!

After trim and weed eating. The branches of the rose bush and from Spirea are still laying there on the ground. There is always tomorrow! 

I know why older gardeners get smaller places where you have little or no yard and a place you can put some containers!! 


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