Rain Doesn't Stop Them

I was watching a female Cardinal. I thought she had grabbed something in the Rose Moss but couldn't tell what it was. A bud perhaps, or a spent flower? I really couldn't tell.
My eyes focused a tad closer and there was a squirrel on the feeder closest to the window. The one they can't get seed from if they are on the front. When their weight hits the bar the seed windows close. This squirrel has the technique of sucking some loose seed (thistle and sunflower hearts) from the drain holes in the bottom. It takes forever, but that little squirrel is determined.

I caught a movement on the banister and stood over by the back door very quietly. I watched the progression of a chipmunk make his way to the barrel.  At that point I said, okay, gotta get the camera.  

I snuck back to the back door and got a back shot of the chipmunk. At least I had proof. Not a great shot but you could tell it was a chipmunk. I gently eased the camera in another position trying to get a better shot. Not working well, so resorted to trying to open the creaking door, taking a chance the chipmunk wouldn't run off.  
I got the door open enough and finally got a fairly decent shot.
By the way, it has been raining all morning, but that doesn't stop them at all!

Now the doubters will have to back down. The chipmunks do come up on the deck, riddle holes in the soil pulling up plants as they do it, eat the bird seed, and eat some of the plants.  Cute, yes, but also destructive just like the squirrels and the raccoon. 
sucking out the seed
yep, it's a chipmunk in there
I believe he is eating oregano!
Finally a shot that you can tell for sure
it is a chipmunk


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