Raccoons Again, so, I Write A Poem

The Coons are Back!

By Mary J Williams


It was yesterday morning

I was letting Lacy out

When a critter jumped off the feeder

Of that, I had no doubt


Little Lacy took off

She was in hot pursuit

I was sure hoping

She wouldn’t catch the brute


If she caught it by chance

Was my biggest fear

I yelled at her

As I shed a tear


The raccoon was fast

Down the steps he did go

Out in the yard

He wasn’t moving slow


Over the fence

And now out of sight

I was afraid for Lacy

It gave me a fright


Last night the trap was set

The nuts were brought in

Yes, we caught the coon

Looks like its starting again.


Do they find their way back,

From when we did it before?

Took several away

Now they’ve come back for more?


Will set the trap again

And just wait and see

If, again, we have to trap

The whole damn family!


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