Garden and Poems

You know, every time I go to the gardens, I think I could write a poem. Poems come to me out of the blue. Sometimes I need help with a rhyming word or two but the thoughts are there.
I was worn out, hot and sweaty after physical therapy. Don't think the air conditioner was working to well. Lots of fans, but I still got hot.
Then I went to the garden to water. I can't just go to do one thing. I got out my hoe and tried to chop out some of the weeds. That didn't work well. Doesn't look like there had been any rain over there either. So much for weather forecasts! 
Quit chopping and got my handy dandy little hand trowel. Dug up some weeds. Then watered some, then home.

The Garden This Year 2020

By Mary J Williams

I went to the gardens

After physical therapy

No Elves or Fairies

Had weeded for me

The garden is a mess

All kinds of weeds do I see

The path by the tomatoes

Is still pretty much weed free

I pulled out some weeds

Right near the beans

They are vining around

Just a bunch of green

No flowers on the beans

No pods on the stalks

Don’t know if they ever will

But I sure can grow rocks

Every time it rains

In this garden plot of mine

The rocks come to the surface

It happens all the time

The corn is growing tall

I sure hope some ears do appear

I love that fresh corn

That I get every year

I picked some tomatoes

They were totally green

But the branch was on the ground

Those I did glean

Put some water on the corn

Beans got some too

Watered the tomatoes

Squash too, then I was through.
Corn is growing well despite the weeds

This side of corn so many weeds
you can't see the beans

Tomatoes don't have many weeds growing

After some weeding you can see
some of the beans

Have two squash but this is the only
one that had blooms. Weeded a tad around it.


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