Were You Keeping Tabs on the Potatoes and Pink Squash?

Have been outside trying to get some of the maintenance done on my yard. HAH! I started with the transplant of Yarrow that a friend gave me. Had to clean up the area where I was going to put it. Got it in the ground! Took the clippers and lopped off the blooms. Is that the right thing to do? I have no clue but will let you know.
Was going to water that in and water the peppers. The driveway was littered with oak tree sticks and leaves and of course the weeds growing in the cracks. Pulled those up, picked up a bunch of the sticks, deadheaded some of the Columbine. You know, just jumped from one thing to another. Finally went in to check the laundry and put some in the dryer and did the extra spin on the other.
Went upstairs and as I was letting out the dog, looked at the potatoes.  Most of the plant portion had wilted down. Hmm, wonder if there are any potatoes in there. This was an experiment. I dug down under one plant and pulled up a couple of small potatoes. Dug under another and pulled up some more small ones. Going to let the rest go to see if they will grow any bigger. They still have green tops so it's possible. We shall see.
The Pink Banana Squash is bushing up but not putting out runners.  I don't know how it grows. We are learning together. 
Pink Banana Squash grown from seed


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