Weeds, Weeds and more Weeds

Trip to the Gardens

By Mary J Williams ©


Went to the gardens

What did I see?

Many, many weeds

Looking at me


The weeds were in the corn

Around tomatoes too

In the row of beans

I have no clue what to do


I pull out the weed eater

And started it going

Whipping down the weeds

To keep them from growing


What is the saying

you hear every year

knee high

By the fourth of July


Even with the weeds

It will be higher this year

Just keep out the critters

And all of the deer.


I didn’t get the job done

My arm is really shaking

Time to go home

A shower I am taking.


On the way out

Birds are out there splashing

In a puddle by the road

They want to look dashing.


I sat for awhile

The birds flew away

I did see a Grackle

So, I didn’t stay.

At least corn is tall enough to see
One and half row of beans


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