The Two of Us Finally Outsmarted the Critter!

Hubby was setting the trap again last night.  I came in, just at the right time! He was going to use just 1/2 can of the tuna. NO! I say. That raccoon hasn't come to the 1/2 can since you started doing that. Use the whole can! "Okay, Whatever you say!" was his response.  
I forgot to bring the nuts in! 
This morning, I was up later for some reason. Went to the living room, where hubby was already sitting with his coffee and paper.  He looked up and said, "We got a coon!"  "I already took him for a ride."  
That is when hubby told me he took a stick and put it through the cage and down through the crack in the deck floor.  The raccoon couldn't move the cage, and so, went inside! Kabam! the door closed and trapped him in!   
I went out on the deck and saw where the raccoon had chewed on the stick. I washed off the deck then, but with a smile on my face this time!
It took the two of us to outwit this critter. Oh and by the way, Hubby said it was just a medium sized raccoon. Not the HUGE one I thought it would be. One of those smart aleck teenagers!
I hope the raccoon incidents are over but we will set it again tonight! Hopefully, I will remember to bring in the nuts. Thankfully, it wasn't real full as the Grackles, Blue Jays and Downy ate most of it yesterday!
Deck all washed off


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