The Garden in the River Plots

Start of the 2020 River Garden
By Mary J Williams

Hot, and sweaty
Totally worn out
That’s what gardening
Is all about!

Got a late start
But the plants don’t care
As long as it rains
The fruit they will bear!

Couldn’t start the tiller
Have a bum arm
Another gardener close by
Asked her, with a little charm

She got it started
Yes, you read right
A female that helped
What a wonderful sight

The corn was put in
With help from my neighbor
In went the beans
It was a lot of labor

Hubby brought the straw
I broke the bales apart
Didn’t want it stolen
That wouldn’t be a good start!

That’s all I could do,
in the garden plot
Till and plant corn and beans
It sure wasn’t a lot


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