Oh Woe is Me! It's my own fault!

Do you know that person, who goes outside and can't resist pulling up a weed or two or three.  That would be me!
I am all ready for my Dr. appointment and decide standing outside with the hose isn't going to hurt anything. So, out the door I went. I unreeled the hose and started in. Didn't get very far when I heard the Eastern Bluebird singing and very close by. I looked and there it was on the wires just in front of me. Drats! Forgot to bring my camera outside. Turned off the hose, went in the house, grabbed my camera and went outside. Turned it on and couldn't get a focus, so actually moved to a closer position. Focused in on the bluebird and got a few shots. 
Okay, camera in my pocket and back to watering. My geraniums were blooming again.  I planted them in a mostly shaded area. I found out they did well there a few years ago.  
Over to the other side and watered the grapefruit trees in their pots. My pumpkins are growing well. The alien one is taking over again and the Pink Banana looks good. Looks more like a bush type squash like zucchini but we shall see.

I have all these vinca and marigolds planted. They just don't seem to be growing much! As I was watering, a motion caught me and I looked to my right and spotted a rabbit in the neighbors yard.  Slipped my hose in my left hand and pulled out the camera, turned it on and zoomed. So much sun, all I could see was my reflection. I snapped the picture anyway.  Then the rabbit moved. Then he came back to a little less shaded area and I took another picture. He just start moving again.  He went up to the road. Yep, he made it across the road to the other side. Camera back in the pocket and time to finish watering.
I just had to notice some weeds. I also noticed the grass growing up into the flower bed. Hose to the left hand, bend over and start digging out weeds with the right. Okay maybe not a real smart move because of the injured shoulder. I started putting water on the area, weeds and grass came out pretty easy then. I looked down and my arms were peppered with mud! Oh, joy, I am sure the doctors would love it.  Sprayed my arm off!  I think I am okay. I really should know better!
Went to turn off the water and noticed the Grackles in the dead tree across the street. By the time I got my camera, focused in, I think there was one left in the tree.  They are probably all at my feeders and in the bird bath on my deck.  We filled the bird bath four times yesterday. Just because Grackles like to eat clean! Birds-I-View told me that Grackles even wash their food before they eat sometimes. You learn something new everyday! 

He was singing during these pictures

The rabbit just starting on his run

The lone Grackle left in the tree


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