Number Four came to the Door!

Hubby took it for a ride, hopefully no more!  This one was bigger he said. 
Hubby gets a work out in the mornings, at least the last three anyway. Our deck is off the back door of our home. The back door is a full story up.  What, 12 feet or so?  I have no clue. Then to the gate. Now remember he is carrying a cage with a heavy raccoon in it! Out the gate, put the raccoon in the bed of the truck. Climb in!  Drive to the dump off location. Back home. For someone that has fallen with the cage before and not real steady on his feet this is quite an accomplishment for the first thing in the morning. 
This almost always takes place before 6 a. m.  I wasn't even up yet!
My job is to clean off the deck. Those raccoons, do lots of messes while in the cage. I don't want the dogs in those "messes". Eww!  
Grab the hose and start washing down the deck. Not only do I clean up the raccoon mess but I have tons of birds that leave their marks all over the deck. So glad hubby rigged water up to the deck.  As long as I am washing the deck, I water the plants up there. 
It's now 7 a.m. and time to get in the house, eat, get dressed and head out!
I always think that is a long ways down. 

From bottom of steps over to truck
Oh, look in that one blank area in the dug out area in second picture. See where the back fence is and then the peony then the dirt?  That's supposed to be corn growing in there but, so far, the squirrels have eaten all the seeds.  I had 3 sprouts and the next day the sprouts were laying on the ground and the seed had been dug up. Won't try corn again! I do have a pepper, eggplant, fig tree, 2 tomatoes and 3 bean plants in the other section. All I have to do is keep the ivy out of it! 


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