It's the 12th of June and I just planted more corn!

I have the two plots across the river which is 25 x 50. I planted two sections in one 25 x 25 area with a corn called "Kandy Korn". It is a sweet corn. I planted 4 tomatoes on one day and, another, I planted 3 more. I now have lots of tomatoes planted. I have about 7 plants at home and 7 plants in the river plots.  I am hoping to make salsa and juice. Have several peppers planted at home and if I can keep the critters from destroying the little plant I will have enough to put in my salsa and make some powder. 
I ran a chipmunk out of the 1/2 whiskey barrel planter this morning. That little critter had uprooted all the new seedlings planted. Not sure any are going to make it. Checked the front yard and those were all uprooted too!  I think I might have two that are still good.  I dumped some Serrano Pepper Powder, I had made last year, into the pots. Hope it makes the squirrels and chipmunks, cough and sneeze and get watery eyes, like I did, putting it in the pots! 
Today I tilled this small area in the lower deck area. Then did some weeding by hand, pulled some garden soil over the small fence, spread it around, dug three trenches with a hoe and planted some old corn seed I found.  I have no clue if the seeds will sprout or not. Should be able to let you know in seven to ten days.  I believe it was the Peaches N' Cream sweet corn seed I had before. 
Then, because there was a little space left, stopped at Westlake's and purchased some wax bean plants they had. End of the season stuff. Will plant those tomorrow.    The larger area in the picture is where I planted the corn.


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