Apology to Neighbors

I was on Facebook, just a few minutes ago and apologized to my neighbors. 
I have been hitting a stick on the frame of my swing on my deck, in an effort to run off the Grackles.
I was in the hospital yesterday and was talking birds with one of the nurses. She said "do you want to get rid of your Grackles?  I can tell you how I did it."  I, of course, said yes.
The story was she had lots of Grackles. One day she picked up a pan and lid and banged them together. The Grackles flew off. She continued this practice until the Grackles quit coming.  It didn't bother the song birds. She said, "evidently the Grackles can not tolerate loud noises." 
I will give it a try and that was why I was on Facebook apologizing to my neighbors.  I have been standing on the deck when just one Grackle flies in. I start pounding my stick on the tubing of the swing! They fly off quickly.  I will keep it up and see how long it takes for them to come back, get used to the sound and come back, or hate it enough they don't come back and go somewhere else.

I can only hope!


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