After Running Him Off the Raccoon Came Back!

I am sitting in my computer room watching a movie on Netflix. I decided I would go turn off the coffee pot and the lights and go to bed! I went into the kitchen and noticed the feeder with the nuts weren't brought in. Rats!  Went to the door, turned on the outside light and stared face to face with a raccoon. I stepped forward and he ran down the steps.  Whew!  I went and got the big outside flashlight, slowly opened the door, peeked out, then slowly walked towards the feeder, thinking that any minute I would be attacked by the raccoon!  I carefully reached out, checked everything around, then grabbed the feeder off the hook and took it down.  I looked over and noticed the water wiggler all askew too! I decided I didn't want to pay for another one so, grabbed it up too and went back in the house. I made sure I wasn't being followed!  The feeder was set on the floor and the wiggler I put in the sink.  I went and watched the movie a bit, but decided I couldn't finish it and went to bed.  I was thinking there sure wouldn't be a raccoon in the trap for hubby in the morning!  Little did I know!  
I got up and looked out on the deck and the trap had been moved, the bait was gone. Hubby came in at that time and said, "We got another one!" I then told him about my little adventure.  I guess the raccoon wasn't too scared of me at all!

I didn't get a picture, however, I found one on the internet that kind of reminded me what the critter looked like last night.


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