After Last Night, Here is my Decision!

I have bloody had it! I can't take it anymore! I have made a decision and this is what it is! 
I will not have sunflower seeds on my deck for the birds anymore! I will not put out my new feeder, the cable was destroyed again! I just got it back from repair. 
I will empty the water out of the birdbath at night from now on. 
I think I can still put out the hot suet and the hot seed cakes. The squirrels have not tried eating on those and I don't believe the raccoon has either.
Yes, the trap was set again. It was moved about three feet and turned. The nuts in the can were mostly gone. What really got me this morning though was the cable on my new feeder. Chewed or shredded in an attempt to get the lid off. The seed was all gone! 
So, I give up! I love feeding my birds, but I am not going to have to bring all the feeders in because of the other critters. I will really miss the birds! I love watching them but good grief, enough is enough! 
With the hot suet and hot seed, I will still see some of my favorite birds. I will make a list as to what comes. 
I was putting out seed down in the platform feeders in the yard. The chipmunk and squirrels ate most of that, not the birds! I am so glad it's summer time and there are other natural foods out there for the birds to eat and maybe with a little supplement from the hot suet and seed, they will still do okay.
I have lived in this house for over 20 years. I have fed the birds and occasionally the squirrels. Once in awhile we had a raccoon or two, which we trapped and moved out of the area. Now, however, there are too many squirrels, ran 8 off the deck just before supper, and at least one raccoon that is smarter then we are!

Raccoon chewed up the cable on my new           Dirty water from raccoon

This was where the cage was                    This is where the cage was moved to
set last night



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