A Fine Crop of Weeds Growing

Sure doesn't take long for the weeds to just take over. One whole section of the 25 x 50 plot needs to be worked on.  If I can get back up, I will attempt to do it all by hand! Tilling is an option but that doesn't get rid of the plants as well as me doing it by hand. Again, bad arm, so maybe not the wisest thing but sure would be the best. Do it early morning. Make hubby go with me. He can read and drink coffee but he would be there to help me up! Sounds like a plan!
I went to the plot this morning and some of the corn is coming up! Planted that on the 6th of June. Not bad germination time. No squash or potatoes growing and very few beans have popped up. Watered all the plants. 
Came home and planted 3 wax bean plants and dropped a bunch of zinnia seeds in the area! Great pollinators they are! 
One of the Better Boy tomatoes planted 6-1-2020, then picture of the corn sprouts and one of the Kentucky Wonder Bean sprouts. Both planted on  6-6-2020


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