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Weeds, Weeds and more Weeds

Trip to the GardensBy Mary J Williams ©Went to the gardensWhat did I see?Many, many weedsLooking at meThe weeds were in the cornAround tomatoes tooIn the row of beansI have no clue what to doI pull out the weed eaterAnd started it goingWhipping down the weedsTo keep them from growingWhat is the saying you hear every yearknee highBy the fourth of JulyEven with the weedsIt will be higher this yearJust keep out the crittersAnd all of the deer.I didn’t get the job doneMy arm is really shakingTime to go homeA shower I am taking.On the way outBirds are out there splashingIn a puddle by the roadThey want to look dashing.I sat for awhileThe birds flew awayI did see a GrackleSo, I didn’t stay.

Apology to Neighbors

I was on Facebook, just a few minutes ago and apologized to my neighbors. I have been hitting a stick on the frame of my swing on my deck, in an effort to run off the Grackles. I was in the hospital yesterday and was talking birds with one of the nurses. She said "do you want to get rid of your Grackles?  I can tell you how I did it."  I, of course, said yes. The story was she had lots of Grackles. One day she picked up a pan and lid and banged them together. The Grackles flew off. She continued this practice until the Grackles quit coming.  It didn't bother the song birds. She said, "evidently the Grackles can not tolerate loud noises."  I will give it a try and that was why I was on Facebook apologizing to my neighbors.  I have been standing on the deck when just one Grackle flies in. I start pounding my stick on the tubing of the swing! They fly off quickly.  I will keep it up and see how long it takes for them to come back, get used to the sound and come back,…

Oh Woe is Me! It's my own fault!

Do you know that person, who goes outside and can't resist pulling up a weed or two or three.  That would be me!I am all ready for my Dr. appointment and decide standing outside with the hose isn't going to hurt anything. So, out the door I went. I unreeled the hose and started in. Didn't get very far when I heard the Eastern Bluebird singing and very close by. I looked and there it was on the wires just in front of me. Drats! Forgot to bring my camera outside. Turned off the hose, went in the house, grabbed my camera and went outside. Turned it on and couldn't get a focus, so actually moved to a closer position. Focused in on the bluebird and got a few shots.  Okay, camera in my pocket and back to watering. My geraniums were blooming again.  I planted them in a mostly shaded area. I found out they did well there a few years ago.   Over to the other side and watered the grapefruit trees in their pots. My pumpkins are growing well. The alien one is taking over again and t…

Number Four came to the Door!

Hubby took it for a ride, hopefully no more!  This one was bigger he said. Hubby gets a work out in the mornings, at least the last three anyway. Our deck is off the back door of our home. The back door is a full story up.  What, 12 feet or so?  I have no clue. Then to the gate. Now remember he is carrying a cage with a heavy raccoon in it! Out the gate, put the raccoon in the bed of the truck. Climb in!  Drive to the dump off location. Back home. For someone that has fallen with the cage before and not real steady on his feet this is quite an accomplishment for the first thing in the morning.  This almost always takes place before 6 a. m.  I wasn't even up yet! My job is to clean off the deck. Those raccoons, do lots of messes while in the cage. I don't want the dogs in those "messes". Eww!   Grab the hose and start washing down the deck. Not only do I clean up the raccoon mess but I have tons of birds that leave their marks all over the deck. So glad hubby rigged wate…

After Running Him Off the Raccoon Came Back!

I am sitting in my computer room watching a movie on Netflix. I decided I would go turn off the coffee pot and the lights and go to bed! I went into the kitchen and noticed the feeder with the nuts weren't brought in. Rats!  Went to the door, turned on the outside light and stared face to face with a raccoon. I stepped forward and he ran down the steps.  Whew!  I went and got the big outside flashlight, slowly opened the door, peeked out, then slowly walked towards the feeder, thinking that any minute I would be attacked by the raccoon!  I carefully reached out, checked everything around, then grabbed the feeder off the hook and took it down.  I looked over and noticed the water wiggler all askew too! I decided I didn't want to pay for another one so, grabbed it up too and went back in the house. I made sure I wasn't being followed!  The feeder was set on the floor and the wiggler I put in the sink.  I went and watched the movie a bit, but decided I couldn't finish it …

Were You Keeping Tabs on the Potatoes and Pink Squash?

Have been outside trying to get some of the maintenance done on my yard. HAH! I started with the transplant of Yarrow that a friend gave me. Had to clean up the area where I was going to put it. Got it in the ground! Took the clippers and lopped off the blooms. Is that the right thing to do? I have no clue but will let you know.Was going to water that in and water the peppers. The driveway was littered with oak tree sticks and leaves and of course the weeds growing in the cracks. Pulled those up, picked up a bunch of the sticks, deadheaded some of the Columbine. You know, just jumped from one thing to another. Finally went in to check the laundry and put some in the dryer and did the extra spin on the other. Went upstairs and as I was letting out the dog, looked at the potatoes.  Most of the plant portion had wilted down. Hmm, wonder if there are any potatoes in there. This was an experiment. I dug down under one plant and pulled up a couple of small potatoes. Dug under another and pul…

Caught Another Raccoon so Moving on to the Next Critter

Did you really think I only had problems with raccoons? I don't think so! There are also the chipmunks, which dig holes, tunnel, and eat bird seed too. Then there are the moles, the unseen terror of the yard!You know you have moles when you step outside and look at your yard and see piles and piles of dirt mounds. Then upon closer inspection you see the tunnels that push up the dirt that connect to the mounds.  I always knew the moles didn't eat the plants or the roots but they were on the search for the earthworms, grubs, insects and slugs. Some homeowners, I don't know of any, like having them because they aerate the soil and take care of those bad insects. My yard, looks awful, so wish they would move on to someone who would appreciate them more.  Have you ever Googled the mole? I just did here are some facts from
Fun Facts

Moles can dig tunnels at a rate of up to 15 feet per hour.

Although moles may resemble mice and rats, they are not r…

I Really Am Trying to Garden

I have a garden, which I call the river gardens.  I rent two plots which gives me a garden of 25 x 50.  Because of an injury, I haven't been able to do a lot. With help, I have some corn and green beans planted. The old bean seeds I planted never came up.  I planted tomatoes, parsley and squash.  One squash is the Pink Banana Squash.  Can't wait to see the fruit and taste it.  I also threw in some potatoes. They have sprouted now so, maybe, just maybe, we might see a small crop.  I have never put out the cucumbers for pickles.At home, I have a few tomato plants, two, I think, I might move over the the river garden. I also have most of the peppers planted at home.  Many different varieties. I even had old seed of some Peaches and Cream corn. I caught the squirrels digging in there so, I only saw 3 sprouts. I replanted again with the Kandy Korn. It rained so maybe the squirrels haven't got to it yet. Hopefully, I will have those three little rows sprout.  I found three wax bea…

The Two of Us Finally Outsmarted the Critter!

Hubby was setting the trap again last night.  I came in, just at the right time! He was going to use just 1/2 can of the tuna. NO! I say. That raccoon hasn't come to the 1/2 can since you started doing that. Use the whole can! "Okay, Whatever you say!" was his response.  I forgot to bring the nuts in!  This morning, I was up later for some reason. Went to the living room, where hubby was already sitting with his coffee and paper.  He looked up and said, "We got a coon!"  "I already took him for a ride."   That is when hubby told me he took a stick and put it through the cage and down through the crack in the deck floor.  The raccoon couldn't move the cage, and so, went inside! Kabam! the door closed and trapped him in!    I went out on the deck and saw where the raccoon had chewed on the stick. I washed off the deck then, but with a smile on my face this time! It took the two of us to outwit this critter. Oh and by the way, Hubby said it was just a me…

After Last Night, Here is my Decision!

I have bloody had it! I can't take it anymore! I have made a decision and this is what it is! 
I will not have sunflower seeds on my deck for the birds anymore! I will not put out my new feeder, the cable was destroyed again! I just got it back from repair. 
I will empty the water out of the birdbath at night from now on. 
I think I can still put out the hot suet and the hot seed cakes. The squirrels have not tried eating on those and I don't believe the raccoon has either.
Yes, the trap was set again. It was moved about three feet and turned. The nuts in the can were mostly gone. What really got me this morning though was the cable on my new feeder. Chewed or shredded in an attempt to get the lid off. The seed was all gone! 
So, I give up! I love feeding my birds, but I am not going to have to bring all the feeders in because of the other critters. I will really miss the birds! I love watching them but good grief, enough is enough! 
With the hot suet and hot seed, I will still see …

Outwitted by the Raccoon

I guess it's time to throw in the towel. A raccoon has beaten hubby and me!Because the critter hasn't eaten the tuna, which, by the way, has always worked in the past, we decided to put some nuts in the can and put them in the trap.  I wasn't able to get a picture as husband "fixed" things before I got up. He has been getting up at 5:30 a.m. I was up at 5:40 a.m. He could have waited just a few minutes or even an hour for me to snap a picture. The critter, which we believe is a raccoon, must be huge.  He dumped the trap up on it's side, spilling the nuts. Moved the trap around and ate all the nuts! Such a brilliant critter.  He has us beat! I am going to have one more attempt. I am going to research to see what other bait I can use. If anyone has an idea, please leave a comment! I refuse to leave this feeder outside at night until the raccoon is captured and moved on his or her way! They broke this one earlier and I sure don't want that to happen again. This …

Latest Battle of the Raccoon

We captured and removed a raccoon about a week ago now!  We realized right away there was still another out there. I have a squirrel buster feeder that, surprisingly, works and the squirrels may get a nut or two from the bottom, or I have seen them bounce on it and get one, but they can't get much more. They get upset and leave the feeder alone.  They have been concentrating on my brand new sunflower seed feeder. I have a little 4 inch pot that I fill up 10 times to fill the feeder.  The squirrels empty it in a day. What has that got to do with the raccoon?  Well, raccoons have hands. They figured a way to get the nuts out of that squirrel buster.  Probably leaning over and bringing to them and helping themselves.  The feeder would be empty of nuts every morning.  Besides, the raccoon washed in the bird bath. It was totally filthy in the morning. Plus, the raccoon doesn't care for the water wiggler and dumps it out of the way. Broke two now, and they aren't exactly cheap. …

Bluebirds and Garden

I was leaving to go check on the garden and water. I realized I forgot my camera. Yes, I have a phone. Yes, it has a camera. I prefer taking pictures with my Canon. Besides it has a great zoom on it! I asked hubby to bring it out to the car and as I was sitting and waiting, some Bluebirds were having some conversations!  I finally had to go get the camera and when I came back, I inched forward a little, rolled down the window and waited! Sure enough, the Bluebirds started flying around. I think the one was a youngster and dad was saying get lost!  I have other things to do! The youngster didn't like what he heard and kept after dad! I took a few shots and then went off to the garden.The corn was a little higher and a few more beans sprouted. The older seeds had no sprouts at all!  I couldn't find any Zucchini coming up either but the Pink Banana Squash came up. I am really looking forward to see how that one grows and especially how it tastes!  The tomatoes appear to being doi…

A Fine Crop of Weeds Growing

Sure doesn't take long for the weeds to just take over. One whole section of the 25 x 50 plot needs to be worked on.  If I can get back up, I will attempt to do it all by hand! Tilling is an option but that doesn't get rid of the plants as well as me doing it by hand. Again, bad arm, so maybe not the wisest thing but sure would be the best. Do it early morning. Make hubby go with me. He can read and drink coffee but he would be there to help me up! Sounds like a plan!I went to the plot this morning and some of the corn is coming up! Planted that on the 6th of June. Not bad germination time. No squash or potatoes growing and very few beans have popped up. Watered all the plants.  Came home and planted 3 wax bean plants and dropped a bunch of zinnia seeds in the area! Great pollinators they are!  One of the Better Boy tomatoes planted 6-1-2020, then picture of the corn sprouts and one of the Kentucky Wonder Bean sprouts. Both planted on  6-6-2020

It's the 12th of June and I just planted more corn!

I have the two plots across the river which is 25 x 50. I planted two sections in one 25 x 25 area with a corn called "Kandy Korn". It is a sweet corn. I planted 4 tomatoes on one day and, another, I planted 3 more. I now have lots of tomatoes planted. I have about 7 plants at home and 7 plants in the river plots.  I am hoping to make salsa and juice. Have several peppers planted at home and if I can keep the critters from destroying the little plant I will have enough to put in my salsa and make some powder. I ran a chipmunk out of the 1/2 whiskey barrel planter this morning. That little critter had uprooted all the new seedlings planted. Not sure any are going to make it. Checked the front yard and those were all uprooted too!  I think I might have two that are still good.  I dumped some Serrano Pepper Powder, I had made last year, into the pots. Hope it makes the squirrels and chipmunks, cough and sneeze and get watery eyes, like I did, putting it in the pots!  Today I til…

The Garden in the River Plots

Start of the 2020 River Garden
By Mary J Williams

Hot, and sweaty
Totally worn out
That’s what gardening
Is all about!

Got a late start
But the plants don’t care
As long as it rains
The fruit they will bear!

Couldn’t start the tiller
Have a bum arm
Another gardener close by
Asked her, with a little charm

She got it started
Yes, you read right
A female that helped
What a wonderful sight

The corn was put in
With help from my neighbor
In went the beans
It was a lot of labor

Hubby brought the straw
I broke the bales apart
Didn’t want it stolen
That wouldn’t be a good start!

That’s all I could do,
in the garden plot
Till and plant corn and beans
It sure wasn’t a lot