One Determined Raccoon!

I walked out on the deck to see how my plants did during the storm yesterday evening. My mouth fell open! OMG slipped passed my lips! I stared at the empty roller where the galvanized can used to sit.

I started to laugh! I was simply amazed that the can was gone! I looked around on the deck. Nope it wasn't anywhere near by.  I looked down the steps and there it was down the steps and to the third level of the lower deck.  Close your eyes, just for a moment, envision a raccoon carrying this as he walks down the steps! Better yet, imagine him carrying it in his mouth!  Why, oh why, didn't I hear this thumping down the steps!  That's how it must have gone unless one of the above two options were the way it happened! 

Now I am imagining the raccoon sitting on the steps and pulling on the lid of that can!  I would like to thank, whoever told me to get one of those cans! A galvanized can with the locking lid! 
I still am laughing! Here is a close up of the can. I think it weathered the trip down quite well!  

If you don't know the story of how this came about. Read the blog of May 24th. This is one determined raccoon!  I wonder what this critter will do next?  He for sure doesn't like my hot pepper infused block of seed! 

Husband came outside to get the can and bring it back up for me!  
The can is now back on the rollers. Hubby suggested strapping it onto the side of the deck. I guess that is the next step! Then we shall see what happens. 


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