It Has Started Again!

Today is the day that I started my whining about the critters and my plants.  I could have started earlier, but I didn't want to.  I had planted some broccoli and they were doing amazing. Came out one morning and found two of them dug up, so I replanted them. A few days later the same thing, so I replanted again. They now are smaller and under the shade of the three larger plants, so not growing quite as fast, but hopefully they will make it.
On the 14th of May I planted some peppers in the flower boxes at the end of my deck. The boxes fit over the the railing.  I planted a paprika pepper and some very small Cubanella peppers. I started the Cubanella from seeds and they aren't very large. In the other box, I got an unknown typed of pepper from the ones grown at the greenhouse by Master Gardeners. Didn't have a tag, so have no clue. I also planted a couple of Poblano peppers that I started from seed. Those are pretty small too.
This morning, the 16th, I noticed the unknown pepper had the top chewed off. I was so upset. It's not like the critters don't have anything else to eat, because they do. I have out so much seed and yet they come and try and destroy my plants.

I really don't want to give up my deck garden. I actually ate some of the green onions last night with supper.  The potatoes are almost in bloom. I am thrilled. I can't wait to see if I actually get a bunch out of that whiskey barrel. I will be sure to let you know either way. Radishes and I don't get along well anymore. They are growing but not producing the nice fat radish root. Guess I will wait a few more days, then out they come. Well, on second thought, the critters aren't messing with them so, leave them, at least they are green. LOL! Eventually they will even bloom and I can get seed!  That's a plan!
The chewed off pepper

The right planter with the chewed off pepper

Left planter 

Two arrows where the smaller broccoli plants are


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