Critter got Fooled last night-noisy squirrel this morning

Story Time:
I have a Squirrel Buster bird feeder. They have figured out if they shake it some of the nuts fall to the openings but only one. I think it's too much work so it's not done often.
I did realize a couple of days ago that the same feeder would be totally empty in the morning and I knew it was at least half full when I went to bed. Last night I decided I would bring it in. I had quite a surprise this morning when I looked
out on the deck. Whatever critter (raccoon, I think) got ticked off because no nuts. S/he tried to pry open the can. S/he wasn't able to get the lid off.
S/he went looking for other stuff, or there was another critter because I found a begonia dug up in one planter and a begonia dug up in the other planter, the small little broccoli, I have been nursing, is all torn up, and a hole in the onions.
I did find a teeny tiny flower in a hanging basket that sat on the deck all winter. Going to watch and see what happens to it. I guess, seeing as there is a flower in it, I better hang it.
Well, I kept hearing this chatter and figured it was a squirrel, so, went on the hunt. Sure enough, there it was laying on a branch on one of the Pin Oaks in the front. I yelled at him and asked why he was being so noisy? He didn't answer but I did hear another one start up and that was the end of the noisy squirrel.
Oh, I picked 2 radishes out of the 1/2 whiskey barrel. Nope, this is not on my list to try again next year. I fail radishes.
the squirrel buster feeder 

The can that holds the nuts
hole dug
torn up broccoli

A tiny flower growing in this pot. I did remove
the baby tree.

What I first saw
When I was talking to it!
I fail radishes


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