Vacuuming with Rhymes in my head!

Vacuuming with Rhymes in my head!
By Mary J Williams ©

How many thoughts ran through my mind,
while vacuuming the floors?
I talked in rhyme at the time
I wonder what runs through yours

Do you think of the family,
Or the job that you are doing?
My mind was jumping from thing to thing
While dog hair I was pursuing

My arm should be in a sling
but the dog hair was driving me nuts
I used my left hand mostly
because I’m ambidextrous

I thought of my brother, when he says don’t yell
I told him I wasn’t, it’s my normal way to talk
He doesn’t have someone hard of hearing
Living with him it’s like living with a rock

I thought of my hair
It really needs to be cut
Corona virus has interfered
So, it’s almost to my but 

No, I’m just kidding
It’s really not as long as that
But I will be so happy
Getting it cut, where I can wear my hat

Then I thought of all the dog hair
No longer able to make a hair matte
It’s pretty good right now
And that they say is that

I even got out the steamer
And cleaned up lots of stuff
I just have ceramic tiles
So, I didn’t have to buff

There was more stuff
Running through my mind
I didn’t write it down
So now I’m in a bind

I know they will all come back to me
After this is finished
Maybe I will wait awhile
But maybe they have diminished. 
Dog Hair

The mop


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