How My Day Evolved!

My day started with taking my computer to be fixed.
When I got home I decided to look for an item in the cedar chest. I have knick-knack items all over the top. There was a dresser doily, dresser runner, the chest top was covered with a towel (long story) and there was another small doily. After removing all the stuff, dug around inside, found the item, I decided I would wash the doilies, runner and towel.
First phase is finished. Second phase is beginning.
I decided to us Spray and Wash for a couple of spots on my shirt. I keep forgetting to put on my apron when I cook. The other shirt used my old stand by Fels Naptha Soap! Phase two complete.
Started phase 3. Decided to pick up all the birdseed all over the floor. Because the seed got ruined previously in the galvanized can, somehow water came in from the bottom, I decided to store the expensive seed in the garage.  The mice came in and thought they were in heaven. So much food. Not only did they have seed, they had green leaves from my plants I had. I brought them in to keep through the winter. The mice loved the variety of food. Got out the shop vac and after a sweep up by hand of a large amount, started in vacuuming.
Oops, phase 3 on hold. Had to go pick up my fixed computer.
Phase two- before I left to get computer, put clothes in the dryer.
Home and ate some lunch.
Back to Phase two- folded or hung up clothes except the two shirts I used Spray & Wash on. Didn't touch the grease. Will have to rewash. Ironed the doilies and dresser runner.
Then back to phase 3. Started in vacuuming up again to get all the rest of the seed. More then I thought!  It was everywhere. Was also on the bottoms of my shoes so vacuumed the floor of my car.  Started to put the shop vac away. Saw some shredded paper. I found where the critters have been nesting.  Vacuumed all that up and called hubby and asked him what was in the black plastic sack. He checked. Said it was paper, so off to the trash it went. Finished vacuuming all that area. Put my gardening stuff back in my vehicle and put it back in the garage area. Phase 3 now complete, almost. Got the broom and swept up a few stray birdseed areas. Now Phase 3 complete.
Phase 4 Fed the dogs early as I was not going to go upstairs and have to come back down in just a short time to feed them.
I am now sneezing from breathing in all of that dust! UGH!
It's all Claire's son-in-law's fault.


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