Corona Virus Time -My Story

Everyone has had so many difficulties so far this year and now we have Corona Virus or Covid-19.  They even changed the name from Corona to Covid. I have no clue.
Does this virus stop weeds growing in my yard?  I think not.  It's April 4th and I already have many weeds growing, the grass needs to be cut already. Can't do that as it's raining.  Surprised it's not snowing with temps that dropped from the 60-70°F to 34°F. 
Does this virus stop the squirrels from eating all my sunflower seed?  I think not!  I have a BB gun that takes these little plastic BB's. Doesn't do damage but scares the squirrels off.  Sometimes for even 15 minutes. Then they come back.  I took a shot at one, s/he ran off, down the banister of the steps to the lower deck and then stopped. I walked out on the deck so s/he moved a tad more. I told him to "keep going" and "leave, all the way".  That squirrel finally climbed the chain link, up and over and stopped again. I yelled again "out!" He finally ran across the drive way to parts unknown. I turned around and came back in the house. Yep, about 15 minutes went by, looked out the kitchen window and there was a squirrel back on the feeder. Now, I'm not saying it was the same one, but it sure could have been!  They never, ever give up when they find a great place to get seed.
Now, the critter in the carrot boxes, I don't know! Could be a chipmunk. Haven't actually seen the critter in there. I cleaned it out, put in fresh soil, planted some onions. Just one day later, the onion sets were all tampered with and there was a hole in the soil.  Filled the hole, reset the onions. Did it work? I think not! Had to reset those onions again. 
I had out suet. The hot ones so the squirrels wouldn't eat it and, yes, that really works!  However, have you ever seen a bunch of Starlings on suet? They pulverize it in no time!  After they demolished three suet squares, I only replaced two. After they demolished those, I haven't replaced them. So, I miss my Downy, Red-bellied and even the Pileated Woodpeckers. I can yell at the Starlings, they fly off but come right back. The droppings were eaten by a squirrel. Guess the heat factor is missing after being punched by a Starling and dropping down!
One good thing, I took a walk in the yard and took pictures of the many spring blossoms. That was a joy!  So, even in these sad virus days and the problems with the critters, there still is a smile that you have when you look at the many Spring blossoms!  I love Spring!  A sign of re-birth!

Eating the left-overs from the Starlings! 
One of the many Spring flowers in my yard!


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