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Vacuuming with Rhymes in my head!

Vacuuming with Rhymes in my head! By Mary J Williams © How many thoughts ran through my mind, while vacuuming the floors? I talked in rhyme at the time I wonder what runs through yours Do you think of the family, Or the job that you are doing? My mind was jumping from thing to thing While dog hair I was pursuing My arm should be in a sling but the dog hair was driving me nuts I used my left hand mostly because I’m ambidextrous I thought of my brother, when he says don’t yell I told him I wasn’t, it’s my normal way to talk He doesn’t have someone hard of hearing Living with him it’s like living with a rock I thought of my hair It really needs to be cut Corona virus has interfered So, it’s almost to my but  No, I’m just kidding It’s really not as long as that But I will be so happy Getting it cut, where I can wear my hat Then I thought of all the dog hair No longer able to make a hair matte It’s pretty good right now

Yard and Garden Over for A While

Not the weather, this time!  It's putting ones foot down where there isn't anything but space and falling, pretty much on your face.  Jamming the right arm into the dirt, coming away with mud on your shirt. Good thing I could move, as no one was around. Time for hubbies nap and he doesn't hear a sound. I finally made it up, my right arm is not working well similar to rotatory cuff injury from long time ago. Only time will tell. This happened on April 22 out on the deck I will find you a picture and show you by heck. Went to the emergency room where x-rays were taken I was given a sling as there wasn't any break in I am not a happy camper, cant' finish what I started with all the rain, the weeds are growing and that's not for the fainthearted. Oh woe is me! That's what I say falling down is not the way "It is what it is"! I hate that particular saying I guess it's the message it's conveying Nothing I can do, just sit and wait.

How My Day Evolved!

My day started with taking my computer to be fixed. When I got home I decided to look for an item in the cedar chest. I have knick-knack items all over the top. There was a dresser doily, dresser runner, the chest top was covered with a towel (long story) and there was another small doily. After removing all the stuff, dug around inside, found the item, I decided I would wash the doilies, runner and towel. First phase is finished. Second phase is beginning. I decided to us Spray and Wash for a couple of spots on my shirt. I keep forgetting to put on my apron when I cook. The other shirt used my old stand by Fels Naptha Soap! Phase two complete. Started phase 3. Decided to pick up all the birdseed all over the floor. Because the seed got ruined previously in the galvanized can, somehow water came in from the bottom, I decided to store the expensive seed in the garage.  The mice came in and thought they were in heaven. So much food. Not only did they have seed, they had green leaves

Corona Virus Time -My Story

Everyone has had so many difficulties so far this year and now we have Corona Virus or Covid-19.  They even changed the name from Corona to Covid. I have no clue. Does this virus stop weeds growing in my yard?  I think not.  It's April 4th and I already have many weeds growing, the grass needs to be cut already. Can't do that as it's raining.  Surprised it's not snowing with temps that dropped from the 60-70°F to 34°F.  Does this virus stop the squirrels from eating all my sunflower seed?  I think not!  I have a BB gun that takes these little plastic BB's. Doesn't do damage but scares the squirrels off.  Sometimes for even 15 minutes. Then they come back.  I took a shot at one, s/he ran off, down the banister of the steps to the lower deck and then stopped. I walked out on the deck so s/he moved a tad more. I told him to "keep going" and "leave, all the way".  That squirrel finally climbed the chain link, up and over and stopped again. I ye