A Story of Rosebud my part-Corgi Four Legged Friend

There is always a story and these photos are no different.
I am working on the history of the Central Missouri Master Gardeners.  I have a large safe that was stuck in the corner out of the way.  The other day I pulled it out and took out items, did scanning, put items back in but still not finished. The safe is now sitting in the middle of my computer room. Actually, it's Mary's do everything room. Computer, knitting, crocheting, drawing, you get the picture. 
I turned around, just now, and saw Rosebud, sleeping on the floor.  What's so unusual about that? Nothing, unless you add in, there are two dog beds, and the fact that she found the space where the safe used to reside! Her head is on one of the dog blankets that was adorning the top of the safe. It fell and was partially on the lower edge of the book shelf.  Hmm, great little pillow. 
Her she is, my Rosebud and her new sleeping area, for now!

Head on the blanket! So Sweet!


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