A Mouse in the House

A Mouse in the House
By Mary J Williams

I have these lovely plants                                  
I dug them up, put them in pots
Set them under the lights
And watered a lot

They continued to grow
Looking really nice
When much to my surprise
They were destroyed by mice

How did I know
It was done by a mouse?                   

Have you ever heard
The noise in your house?

The little scratching noises
Or maybe it’s chewing
All I know is I’ve heard it
I figured what it was doing

We set a mouse trap
Nope, nothing was caught
Told hubby more bait
Or it would be for naught

So, more peanut butter
Applied to the trap
Put on the floor
Didn’t take long and “zap”!

We caught that mouse
That dared come inside
One thing in the house
I cannot abide.

I planted some seeds
Placed under the lights
The mouse tore up the soil
During the night

Two traps were set
In two different places
I moved one myself
To cover all the bases

They made holes in the soil
Looking for seed
Tore up the plants
I didn’t like their greed

Those little critters
Belong outside of my house
Not going to have it
You destructive little mouse

Last night traps were set                                
In hopes to catch more
Two greedy mice
Are no longer at my door

Sorry little critters
You should have stayed outside
My house is not your home
Food for you I don’t provide

If you want seed
The birds can show you where
I have plenty on the deck
The squirrels sure know it’s there

So, get thee gone
Out of my house
Don’t want to see you again
You silly little mouse


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