The Cardinal, The Head and The Dip Net

A few minutes ago I posted on Facebook that it was sleeting.
Hubby decided to go see if we had mail. He opened the front door and a male Cardinal was in the lattice by the door and flew in.
I heard this "cheep" and thought, "that sounds like a Cardinal". Yep, he flew in and landed on every surface in my computer room. He landed on the Chief's stuff. Not the Cardinals things. I was attempting to catch him with a towel, which didn't work as he flew high and I am not that tall. Jim went and got the dip net. I chased him around, would have the net over him, he would "duck down" and go underneath, and find the next spot to land.
Jim was standing at the door. I wish I would have had the time to grab a camera but I was trying to get the bird outside. He flew and landed on Jim's head. So I put the dip net right over the top of bird and head. OMG, I am ROTFL, Talk about funny! I got a hold of the bird in the net. Jim got his head out and I walked to the front door and released the bird back into the crappy weather and the night!
The image of the bird on his head will be forever engraved in my mind!


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