It's Been a Month

Yep, a whole month has gone by! The critters are still around but not bugging me much because I decreased all the seed on the deck and the suet is the hot stuff!
I don't have many plants left now after the colder temps and snow!  Snow already!  On October 31st.
The funny part of the snow thing is, my birdbath froze over. I failed plugging it in. I went out and did that and put hot water in the birdbath so the wiggler would work.  Hubby turned off the outside water so I grabbed the teapot and filled the birdbath up. The sad thing is, the next day the birdbath was frozen over again. I didn't have the other end of the cord plugged into the birdbath! I bet you didn't know if you plugged something in you had to make sure the other end was attached to something also. It's all good now!
I made sure there was some of the hot suet out for the birds and checked the one feeder, squirrels can't eat from, for seed.
I didn't even pull up weeds and trim. I have been stitching. Knitting and crocheting making hats, throws and baby blankets. Still doing the dishcloths. 
I fell, not so gracefully, and injured myself, so the house is a mess. No vacuuming!  At least not right now!  Where is hubby, you ask? Well, he has the unsteady legs and back issues. He can't! Hire somebody?  Nah, then I couldn't complain and write about it here! 
I have cleaned up the area around my computer, numerous times and it's now loaded again. Yarn and hooks and patterns and completed hats.
I have diagnosed myself with Adult Attention Disorder.  You start one thing, go to the next without the first being finished, jump on to the next, play a game in between, I like solitaire and some others, check Facebook, then maybe, go back to the project. It took me three days to watch a movie. It was good but didn't keep me wrapped up in it! 
So, this is what is going on!  Oh, on the way out of my driveway I saw a big old buck deer. He went into the next neighbors yard and crossed the street and went down my friends driveway! He couldn't eat her peppers anymore as she pulled them all out. 
Working on Master Gardener history, knitting, crocheting, reading, taking photos. Now if I could just complete one thing!

I am ready for Spring!


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