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I Never Know What's Going To Happen Next!

My Deck Flowers and Garden By Mary J Williams © This has not been a year For my plants to do good Either critters got them or something else could It was a while back I went on the deck Noticed my Marigold It was dead by heck! I heaved a great sigh And went on my way There wasn’t much to do And nothing to say! About a month ago, In another pot, There were some baby plants Weeds they were not Little tiny Marigolds Were starting to grow A smile lit my face Those I do know I watered and nurtured Plants were growing strong I also found some more Hoped nothing would go wrong Cantaloupe seed was thrown out In another big barrel I thought maybe the birds Would eat if they weren’t sterile Low and behold Three little sprouts Were looking at me I wasn’t pulling them out Now all are blooming The temperatures are dropping I have flowers on the Marigolds But bet there will be no cropping Been fun to wa