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Hopefully A New Resident Critter

The other day I went to Birds-I-View to tell Regina and Steve Garr why I hadn't been in to purchase any birdseed. Those reading my blogs should be able to figure that out. The squirrels and the chipmunks and raccoons were beating out all the birds. Eating all the food and terrorizing me in the process. Like tearing up my garden plants- peppers and tomatoes.  Chipmunks have their own agenda, digging up plants and burying seed that they will never find as they sprout. The raccoon incidents were just too much, even causing or part of injuries.  I was telling Steve about the one bird feeder with drain holes that the squirrel figured out s/he could get a few seeds out of. S/he was eating Safflower, which the books tell you squirrels don't like.  Let me tell you guys something, if you have it out there, they will eat it.  They were eating my dry meal worms too. Pushing up the low hanging cover so they could get to it. Steve thinks they have it in for me too! I then told Regina

The End of Summer