The Church Project gone astray!

I started this project at my church. I walked outside and saw this flower bed and cringed. So much grass. Could be Zoysia but I thinks it's Bermuda.  There is a weed barrier but the grass is not a weed so it went over and under and did what it pleased!

Of course I wrote a poem for today's work.

Church Weeding Project
By Mary J Williams ©
I got too hot
Weeding outside
No hat on my head
No shade, it did hide

At church again today
Digging out all the grass
The weed barrier was up
So, the weeds didn’t pass

The weed barrier was gone
Couldn’t find it any more
It was buried way too deep
To dig it up would be a chore

I found five stepping stones
Dug up four of them
Putting them in a row
Covering up some grass stems

The dirt is like concrete
So very, very hard
Can’t imagine how the plants live
No water in the yard

I finally gave up
I couldn’t get it done
Too hot for this old lady
And it wasn’t any fun

Gonn’a finish this some other time
It will be a couple of days
My hand is way too sore
Have to wait for pain to go away

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going up the edges

hope to get this area done

The weed barrier is still seen in this picture

I lost the weed barrier here. Ground to hard to dig and barrier
under to much dirt

Found those stones and dug them out
Didn't realize they were stepping stones
to that door.

Will replace the stones in order next time


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