Not an Alien Taking Over- Just a Pumpkin

This pumpkin started growing by my rose near the porch. At first, I didn't know whether it was a squash, pumpkin or watermelon. I sure didn't know how it got there. I did have pumpkins out for Halloween, so maybe that's what it was from.

It started growing and growing. It brought to mind "Jack and the Beanstalk".  I watered and it kept on going, just like the energizer bunny.  Blooms were everywhere. Finally, I saw a little fruit on the vine. It looked like a pumpkin, not a cantaloupe nor a watermelon. It was still really small. Not much bigger around than a quarter.

As the days went by, it was a challenge for me to keep this vine contained in that one bed. It tried escaping out into the yard. It went into my Japanese Maple and down the other side. Now it is going towards the roof, up the lattice on the porch.

So far I see four pumpkins.  I don't know how many of you know the tall flower bloom is the male. The female is the shorter flower with a fruit behind the flower. That female has to be pollinated for that fruit to grow. Squash and cucumber are the same.  One of the reasons our bees and butterflies and other flying insects are so important.

all across the front

The attempt at escape

Growing up in the Japanese Maple

This is at the base of the Japanese Maple.
My pumpkin patch 


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