I Guess Monday's are my Church days too!

It rained so the Bermuda grass was growing like crazy again.  Thank goodness the other weeds were at a bare minimum. 
I cut off the dead blossoms on the Hydrangea bushes.  I believe they are Oak Leaf Hydrangea but not sure but will get it confirmed on Wednesday.
While trimming the Hydrangea, I found 5 baby plants. Going to ask my expert on Wednesday if they can be dug up and replanted.  I also found a bush honeysuckle that the Conservation wants you to get rid of, which I did.  Under the Hydrangea, I found a variegated liriope. Liriope muscari is a species of low, herbaceous flowering plants from East Asia. Common names include big blue lily turf, lily turf, border grass, and monkey grass. It is a perennial with grass-like evergreen foliage and lilac-purple flowers which produce single-seeded berries on a spike in the fall.
There was a Hosta under the Hydrangea too. 
I went over the the long row of bushes and, after looking at them closely, believe they might be Flowering Quince.  These bushes have nice thorns on them.  They are not in real good shape. Lot's of woody areas with no leaves.  What to do, what to do.  I started trimming the largest one and dug up a tree growing in it and weeds around it. Found some sort of bulbs which I put back in the ground.  Going to find out what to do with all this on Wednesday, I hope. 
Well, after 2 hours, I am tired.
I think this is a Flowering Quince bush

Close up of the woody area. Look close to see thorn

Close up of a thorn

Hydrangea's trimmed  Tree, Hosta and Liriope
now showing

How pretty the other Liriope is becoming

Blooming now


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