I Forgot!

Got up this morning and looked out the window and thought,"oh crap" I forgot to take the suet in last night.
Yes, I put one out for the Downy Woodpecker.  I had the Safflower out for the House Finch, Cardinal and Chickadees.  They have been flitting in and out!  Saw the Downy trying to get a seed from the bottom of the feeder where there is a drain hole.  I felt sorry for him so put out a cake of the hot pepper suet. I really intended on bringing it in last night. 
First of all I was tired and sore after going to the Extension and digging and transplanting and changing the cloth, blah, blah, blah.  I just did "stuff".  Had done the same the day before, so now, this old girl was worn out! I didn't say sleepy, but I did fall asleep in my chair in front of the computer!  There is your laugh for the day!
Then I stayed up to watch the Cardinals lose a game to the Cubs! They had many opportunities to win, but offense couldn't get it together.
I made the mistake of checking out a trailer on Netflix and then decided to watch one more episode of "Stranger Things". 
Those type of shows get into my head, so I had to think about other things, like going to the store tomorrow and what I want to purchase. Then a trip out to a Tupperware dealers home. 
Lacy, my dog, deserted me as I didn't get to bed on time.  Well tough, says I.  She went downstairs with Hubby and Rosebud. 
Midnight and I crawled into bed forgetting all about the plan to take in the suet.
There were a few crumbs around, not like a raccoon was there, Probably more a squirrel, or could have been a greedy Starling or Blue Jay.  Most of the suet was intact. My Downy came by.
Hubby says, "There is a chipmunk out there>"  I looked and couldn't see. I handed him my camera. Well, he isn't the greatest picture taker in the world. When I finally figured out where the Chippy was, I moved over to the door window and snapped a couple. They are so darn cute!  Destructive, yes, but cute!

In case you can't read it this is 7:00 a.m.


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