Time To Cook, Freeze, Dry and Can

Started my blog and it looked like a bunch of whining so I deleted it.  Everyone has problems maybe not with critters and falling down but other things.  

I love to cook and made the best zucchini bread out of the zucchini from a friend as I didn't grow any. Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread with Lemon Glaze!

I was looking at my re-potted, chewed up peppers and they appear to be doing okay.  The ones I planted out in the front are doing well. They even have flowers on them.  

My critters now include a toad I believe.  Went to water and this little guy jumped out of the container the hose is in. I found him in the old excavation of the chipmunk. I had plugged that hole and that little critter unplugged it. LOL!  Wonder if I can make a word. Carts (Chipmunks and Raccoons, Toads,Squirrels. LOL!
I have Carts!  

Made pickle relish and blanched corn and froze it besides the bread. Shredded and sliced the other zucchini and froze that too.  No tomatoes yet. I do have a couple of plants with green tomatoes. Going to have more peppers too!  The squirrels didn't get them all. I didn't tell you that one. I have been only feeding the hot pepper suet and seeds.  The squirrels got mad at me and went to the one flower box that had a pepper with several peppers on it.  When I saw it in the morning, every pepper was picked. A couple were laying on the railing and the others were in the flower pot. I washed them, cut out the "taste by squirrel" and put them in the freezer.  They just picked them a little early!

Jimmy Nardello Italian Pepper

The seeds were purchased for this pepper
and for the Red Marconi from
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Both of these peppers are sweet peppers and
will be the long variety. Red Marconi is around
7 inches long.
The Jimmy Nardello has won the "Ark of Taste" by the
Slow Food Organization 

 Partially eaten replanted pepper. Hopefully I get a pepper before it gets cold out
The Red Marconi Pepper.  

One of my favorite annuals. It's the Zahara Zinnia

This is a well fed lazy squirrel on my deck!


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