The Excitement of Growing your Own Produce is Gone- Sort-of!

You know the anticipation you have when you grow your own produce to eat!  You weed and take care of the plants and watch for the blooms and then you start to see the fruit. It's just a really magical time.
Then when the tomato or pepper or whatever you are growing, is just days away from harvest, you go to the plant and realize the produce is gone!
In utter disbelief, you look around. Can't see a thing, it's too dark yet! Morning hasn't quite crept over the horizon.
Finally, it's light out and you go and check again. Just maybe you missed it.  Nope, the beautiful tomatoes are gone. Oh, and a large pepper too!
Another scan of the yard and I found what I thought was one of the tomatoes and then on the lattice over the patio area, another one.  Went to get my camera!
The one laying in the yard over the fence was not a tomato, it was the pepper. The one on the lattice was the tomato. Couldn't see the other tomato.
Following the suggestion of our Wildlife Conservation agent, I didn't put out anymore suet or seed. She said the birds will be just fine and the critters will leave for greener pastures. Yep, they sure did! My green tomatoes and green peppers!
I made a decision last night!  I am not going to have a garden across the river in those plots anymore. Fighting the weeds and the rocks over there was getting to be too much! Now, it looks like growing things on my deck has come to an end.  The critters have picked those five peppers previously, now a large green pepper and my tomatoes.  Hmm, they didn't bother the potatoes, so maybe I will put in some beets in one barrel, carrots in another and potatoes in the rest.  There's a plan!
I still have the tomatoes and peppers on the side of the house.  There is a pepper plant in one hanging basket the squirrel didn't mess with. Can't say that about the peppers in the other hanging basket.
Later today I am going to spray some "Critter Ridder". We shall see if it works.
Now for a cup of coffee!

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Squirrel took all five of these off. I washed them, cleaned them and put them in the freezer
This is the tomato and pepper I found this morning, 7-27-2019
 And to the right is my first big tomato and Maul's Red Hot Peppers, some sort of cherry tomatoes.  My first tomato.
I have picked peppers before and had stuffed peppers and they were yummy! Critters didn't get them all!!


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