My Rhyming Mind in the Shower

My Rhyming Mind in the Shower
By Mary J Williams ©

I am so exhausted
And writing poems in my head
But was standing in the shower
So, I didn’t have any lead.

No pencil to write with
Soap would go down the drain
Alexa was in the other room
No recording, Echo’s not to blame

One of the thoughts
Was about my older brother
Was he saving any money,
Since the passing of our mother?

I looked out the window
Saw a few birds flying by
Looked at the neighbor’s flowers
They look so pretty, “sigh”!

Then I thought about
How fast the year is passing
It’s the end of July
And the cold weather is amassing

I don’t like the cold
I want the warm instead
I can go work the garden
And pick some flower heads.

My other brother takes off for Florida
So, he can golf and fish
I would really like to visit
If all goes well, I wish

Then maybe go visit Laurie
At the lake in South Carolina
I could maybe see an Osprey
But it might as well be China

We have two dogs, you see
And Jim’s health is not the best
I would hate to leave them
‘cause then, I would be stressed

Wondering how things were
Was hubby doing all right
The most I have left
Is no more than two nights
Those are the LIR trips
I really like to do
I have signed up to go
But already have missed a few

Supposed to have a trip
On the Mississippi River
I already laid the law down
No falls! I hope that he delivers

Not going to visit Laurie
At least for a little while
Maybe brother Tom
I say this with a smile

My mind is whirling
For everything is in rhyme
I have no clue why
But it happens all the time

I am out of the shower
And trying to remember all
The thoughts running through my head
This poem is sure not small

So long for now
Until another day
When my mind just keeps going
And everything rhymes away.


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