Crying This Morning

Therapy in Poems
By Mary J Williams ©

I am crying this morning
Because what do I see
Not a single bird
Is visiting me.

The feeders are empty
So, the critters stay away
But that means the birds
Will also make hay

Put up with the critters?
Let them tear up my stuff?
All my hard work
Gee, that would be tough

I want my tomatoes
And my peppers too
Those critters destroy
They do, they do, they do!

How long can I hold out?
Are my other words
I’m sure it won’t be long
Before I feed my birds

Then the critters come back
and tear stuff up on the deck
I will get ticked off
And I will be totally upset

My brother says poison them
I don’t think I could
And I know you, my friends,
Don’t think I would

Ah, this is hard
I know what is right
Put the bird food out
And the critters win the fight

I forgot about the “Critter Ridder”
I must give it a try
At least keep Raccoons away
So, I can tell them bye, bye!

These poems are getting longer
Because I am so upset
Therapy is what it’s called
Critters won’t win, not yet!   


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