Another Critter Poem

I am sorry! I get up, make coffee, go out on the deck and see the water-wiggler in the birdbath pushed aside.  I went over and looked at the one tomato plant. No tomatoes at all, not even a baby one. I looked down and see a partially eaten pepper.  One tiny little pepper was left on my pepper plant and now it's gone.  Then my mind starts rhyming just like singing a song!  So, here is the poem from this mornings dealings. Read it aloud with lots and lots of feelings.

Wish the Critters Would Share
By Mary J Williams ©

My darling little critters
One was around last night
Or maybe early this morning
But it was already out of sight

The wiggler in the birdbath
Had been pushed aside.
There wasn’t anything to eat
But I bet he really tried

There is one hanging seed cake
I will leave it until its done
It’s seed with cayenne pepper
Squirrels and coons think that’s no fun

I went to check my one tomato
Not one on the plant could be found
One critter picked my last pepper
I am now wearing a frown

No more tomatoes
No more peppers either
Just flowers and maybe root crops
Will be planted there next year

I did get another tomato
Off my plant in the front yard
There’s many a pepper too
I may hire a night time guard.

That’s a great big laugh
Of course, I won’t do that
I will stand on guard myself
And buy me a great big bat

No more, you, critters!
Leave my tomatoes alone
Don’t pick any more peppers
I really should have known

The critters are here to stay
So, anything I should grow
They think was planted for them
Just wish they would share you know


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