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What's Happening?

I can tell you what's happening. Nothing much! You need sun and warm weather for tomatoes and peppers and probably all other things to grow. What you don't need is constant cloudy weather, rains and flooding. My garden plot across the river may or may not be under water yet! Can't drive over there as there is still water over the road! Here at the house, we have had a tornado and more rains and cloudy weather with cooler temperatures. I am trying to grow a few things here at the house. Planted 4 broccoli in March, they haven't grown. Planted some peas and I have about 6 little pods. I did get some lettuce.  I have tomatoes and peppers and am hoping the squirrels and the chipmunks leave them alone.  We shall see! No Garden This Year by Mary J Williams © My garden isn't growing I wonder why there is rain falling from that cloudy sky. It has rained so much I think I should build an ark Flooding of my gardens Put's everything in the dark. No potat

Got To Get My Yard Done!

Somehow, my yard always falls behind.  Now that the garden is under flood waters, maybe, just maybe, I can get something done in my yard. I started the other day and got that front of the house project almost complete. Want to put some plants in the planters. Today I went outside with every intention of getting the plants I purchased on Saturday all planted. So far, that is not going well. First I had to weed out the multitude of maple trees.  Why are there so many this year? Plus weeding out all the other stuff.  I have this little brick walk area that weeds love the cracks to grow in. Had to clean that up. Decided to clean out the area by the telephone pole and plant the 'Zahara' Zinnias. I put one of the Crossandra in that area too. I over-wintered it!  I also put in some Portulaca (Rose Moss) and I planted a 'Jet Star' tomato.  Might as well have an edible planted. Taking a break now!  Ate some lunch, writing this up and then back outside, to hopefully get the p