Sore, but outside again!

Getting old is not for gardeners.  Good Grief, I think every joint I have aches and didn't sleep well last night but never fear, I am one of "those" people! Gathered up my plants and off to the front yard for more gardening!  Can't resist getting more aches and pains. LOL!  I planted up my planters on the front porch then weeded and planted down the sidewalk, throwing in a fern at the far 1/2 whiskey barrel.  I finally planted some little grape hyacinth that my Avon Lady gave me. She also gave me some small iris. Will be happy to see those next spring.  After planting those I had a decision, should I plant the Crossandra or trim the dead wood on the dogwood and the flowering crab.  I decided to do the trees.  Boy, should I have waited.  I had that neat saw I bought Jim years ago. It's a Japanese Pull Saw.  I love it. Anyway, I knew which branches I wanted to cut. I thought! Started in and cut the branch off. Oh, no, there was a whole live section. I messed up! You can't put it back together again. I am so sorry tree!!! It doesn't look bad, just not as full at the top as it was. Very careful cutting the other dead wood off.  Made sure what I cut didn't have one green leaf!  On to the flowering crab. It had a double main trunk and one side died. I cut that off and a lot of the little spouts that I didn't need. Hubby, limped around and got the dogwood branch, and after slipping and falling, got up and took the dogwood branch to the pile.  I think he had thoughts of doing the flowering crab branches but thought better of it. They are still laying there. After watering and picking up all my tools and carrying my stuff down the hill to the pile, I wasn't going to attempt another trip down the hill either. There they lay, and there they will stay, waiting to be carried away, on some other day!

In the pots are 2 Wave Petunias, 2 Marigolds and 1 Angelonia.

I know supposed to plant in odd numbers like 3 of each but I didn't I do have spill- petunias, fill- marigolds, and thrill Angelonia.

Along the board are the flowers from the Avon Lady and I had a potted tulip and planted those bulbs too. Who knows they may actually come up!

 Along the walk, I planted 2 Marigolds, 2 Petunias,

1 Dianthus and one pepper "Big Jim".

Farthest point on the sidewalk I planted the marigold on each side of the sidewalk.


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