No Rain Forecast, (a Joke) So Outside for some Tornado Cleanup!

One of the first things I do in the morning is check the weather. I figured I was okay to work outside and they didn't have rain in the forecast until Tuesday. Off I went. Grabbed my loppers, clippers and new collapsible container for leaves and stuff, plus my little shovel.

The Burning Bush shrubs in front to the lattice was basically covered up by those wild grapevines and the Virginia Creeper that grows everywhere. When the neighbors pine tree fell the weight of it made the lattice fencing bend over and the weight of the other was too much. I knew I had to do a lot of cutting/trimming and lopping of of branches. I was going to fill the garden bag and then, knew there would be way too much. Started in building a pile of brush. Clip, clip, pull out, clip more pull more. I got to some heavier branches so started using the loppers. They were so dull it was awful. I kind of cut, then twisted some and then took my hand pruners and finished the job. It seems I can't go outside with some injury and today was no different. I tripped over a re-rod. Why it was there I don't remember. Maybe to hold the landscaping timbers it was in front of. Whatever the reason, i tripped. fell, hit my shoulder and fell back and my head hit the concrete edge of the sidewalk. Thankfully I didn't hit the concrete too hard. I finally got all the stuff off the lattice and propped it back up with a 2 x 4 I found by the shed. There is a wren in the birdhouse so I didn't want to tear it down.

After all that, I decided I would plant the peppers saved from the garden. I had 5 left to plant. The sky is starting to get real dark. I say to myself "it's not supposed to rain. I look and think I should send Sherry a message, looks like she may be getting rain. Then I got back to work. Planted the 5 peppers and then there were two of those super sweet 100 's or the other small yellow tomato plants. I was tired of trying to figure out where to put them so decided to put them against the wall of the neighbors driveway. My comment to myself was "if they grow, they grow. If they don't they don't".

It appears like I better get my baby peppers into the house and get my stuff cleaned up as the wind has picked up! I believe it is going to rain. Got the garden bag and hauled it down to the back and dumped it. Picked up my tools and trash. Got my baby peppers in and back under the lights. Checked on my laundry and headed upstairs. As I was making a sandwich, the rains came. 0.02 in nothing flat! Oh by the way, we now have 0.21 inches of rain. I did come in and check weather first thing and the forecast had changed!

Here is a picture a couple of years ago. The lattice and the pine tree off to the side

The fallen pine - aftermath of the tornado. My lattice is so
covered up with vines and has fallen over so far you can't see the bushes under them
This is after the pine being cut down
and me tearing off all the vines and propping up the lattice. Cut the burning bush down too.


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