I Just Realized, Squirrels Don't Like Change Either!

The tornado changed the squirrels life at my house.  They had a regular routine to get to my deck.  That routine has been totally disrupted.
First the route they took from their nesting areas in the back was jumping into the locust tree and using the two branches to jump to the roof of our shed.  Those branches are gone, thanks to the tornado! Then they would cross over the shed roof and come down the lattice that hid the shed from view.  That lattice has been knocked down by the pine tree of the neighbors. Again, tornado damage! Then they would run up our chain link fence and onto the 2 x 4 frame of lattice that was on top of the chain link fence.  There is a story behind that. We had a dog, Cadillac, that jumped the four foot height of the chain link fence. So hubby put in 2 x 4 posts and a top frame and put up lattice all the way around the dog yard so she couldn't jump the fence anymore. It worked. When our bigger dogs died, we eventually took down the lattice all except the driveway side of the house.  There was an electric line to our pond on it and also PVC pipe to a spigot for water to the back yard and the pond. That fence has been broken by a raccoon and redone. It was hit by a previous storm and fixed. Now we have to figure out what to do again.
Back to the squirrels - they can't run down that top frame anymore as it's broken in a couple of places from the tornado.  When they come up to the area I call the triangle, they usually jump into the flowering crabapple tree. Oops, it's not there anymore either. Tornado knocked it down!  When the squirrels would make a mad dash off my bird feeders, they would run down the banister, jump into the tree, jump over to the Pin Oak, or run down the top of the lattice, down the chain link, over to the lattice in front of the shed, up to the roof jump onto the locust branch and back to safety.  Can't happen now.
I have seen one squirrel near the deck and that's it.  I haven't put out sunflower seed, all the suet is the hot stuff so basically there is nothing for them to eat and no fast escape routes or arrival routes anymore. Don't think the squirrels like the change anymore than I do!
I already miss my tree!  Hubby said no more planted there but..... I already have a plan!  This is the third tree we lost in that spot! By the way, the birds are upset too!  Bird feeders moved, some not refilled, their cover tree is gone! I am not the only one that doesn't like CHANGE!

This is the area before the tornado. That is the flowering crab
on the right in the area I call the triangle.

The broken lattice with the PVC pipe 

That's the fallen pine onto the lattice that had the vine on it

This are the branches off the Locust tree 
The broken Locust tree
This is where the white Flowering Crab used to be.  All those shade plants
are going to have to be moved I guess.  So sad! 


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